13 October 2013

I have been to a few book sales recently, and wanted to share my finds!! Choose Your Own Adventure, Which Way, and Time Machine books for my son Elijah! I read these in the 80s! They cost about 3$ for all!
Bobbsey twin books, from 1913 and 1915!
I will be adding more later, as I found a ton of books from various sets (not whole sets, but 3 or 4 from a set) I am collecting them for my grandkids when they get older, as well as my own son, and myself! Nothing brings back memories like cracking open a book you read as a child! I know these sets are available to buy on Ebay with all the books in the collection included, but I enjoy finding them one by one, or a few at a time. I love the feeling of a treasure hunt!!

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