13 October 2013

I have been to a few book sales recently, and wanted to share my finds!! Choose Your Own Adventure, Which Way, and Time Machine books for my son Elijah! I read these in the 80s! They cost about 3$ for all!
Bobbsey twin books, from 1913 and 1915!
I will be adding more later, as I found a ton of books from various sets (not whole sets, but 3 or 4 from a set) I am collecting them for my grandkids when they get older, as well as my own son, and myself! Nothing brings back memories like cracking open a book you read as a child! I know these sets are available to buy on Ebay with all the books in the collection included, but I enjoy finding them one by one, or a few at a time. I love the feeling of a treasure hunt!!

12 October 2013

Here I am!!

WOW, its been a while hasn't it! Looking at my sidebar, I see I introduced myself and said my son was six (he's now 9!) and I had a grandchild on the way (I have two now and one on the way!) I am not working as a CT anymore, as Sarah Barber is taking a break and working on her awesome artwork. Instead of digital scrapbooking previews, I am now going to post my vintage finds, old memories, my hobbies and other cool things! I think I'm boring the crap out of my facebook friends posting things like that on my wall. Ill post an occasional layout or cool freebie I've found for the digi scrap fans! Lots of changes! I hope you enjoy your time here!!

23 April 2011

Easter Egg night!

Elijah and I colored eggs tonight! We had alot of fun, and also found a way to use the leftover dye AND the cups we used to hold the dye instead of just tossing the stuff. Its important nowadays to try to stretch your dollar as far as it will go!!

We put some cylinder noodles in the leftover dye to colour them. Were going to make necklaces for the grandmas!

Here are the noodles drying on an old towel...

..and we will use the dye cups for paint later!

11 February 2011

OMG I won!!!!

I entered to win the prizes of new baby themed kits, actually anything would have been cool, but I won the grand prize!!! Lucky me!!! These kits by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs are gorgeous!! They will be perfect to scrap my own babies ( now 20, 19 and 6) and my 1st grandchild, due on 5 May! Thank you girls for this wonderful prize!!

Here are the prizes!! Arent they pretty!!

but you can get in on this wonderful event too! There is a blog hop filled with goodies!!!

06 February 2011

Sarah Barber is in the spotlight!!

Congrats to Sarah on being Digireddo Scraps February Designer Spotlight Artist!

Her full size kits on sale at 20% off.
here is the newest one

and an add on

AND an awesome freebie


21 June 2010

Challenge a designer contest!!!

HOLY CRAP!! A few weeks ago on Sunshine studio scraps, they had a birthday celebration and some challenges. One challenge was for members to give the designers inspiration for digi kits! You could post photos, art.. whatever! I posted some wall art from the kids shop "The land of Nod" and Valerie of Valerie Ostrom Designs chose MY art as HER inspiration!! I was thrilled to see this awesome kit she made using the art I loved!
Here is the kit she made, which I got free, and YOU can get in the store at Sunshine studio scraps! Its also on sale, so Its a great buy! Here is SMALLTOWN USA!


15 June 2010

Sarah Made a New kit!!!!

This new kit is the greatest! Its for boys mostly, but Im sure you could use it for any playful kids, or adults!!Here`s what Sarah had to say about her new kit!:

"What else says Boy other than the wonderful inspiration by Dr. Seuss? This little boy kit is full of hand drawn elements by myself, bright colored papers, and fun vintage ephemera full of cranky little boys! It's all about the boys.
Kit includes: 20 papers, 45 elements, and the 11 original drawings by me"

"ME" being Sarah Barber of Sarah Barber designs! I love her stuff, its SO original!!

Here`s the kit, which is available at the digeridoo shoppe!